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Stock # Description Price Quantity
KSB Hand Truck Back $70.00
KSB-T Hand Truck Back Tall $75.00
KSB-W Hand Truck Back Wide $73.00
KSB-T-W Hand Truck Back Tall Wide $80.00
KST 17" Slat Deck $34.00
KST-W 17" Slat Deck Wide $36.00
KSDT 17" Solid Deck $58.00
KSDT-W 17" Solid Deck Wide $60.00
KSDTL 24" Solid Deck $68.00
KSDTL-W 24" Solid Deck Wide $70.00
K74160 8" Tuf/Semi Pneumatic Wheel (each) $24.00
K1363 8" Air/Pneumatic Wheel (each) $28.00
K44125 6" Caster $14.00
KSAS Steel Axle $12.00
KSAS-W Ateel Axel - Wide $12.50
KSAB Axle Brackets (PR) $23.00
KSAB-I Axle Brackets Inside (PR) $23.60
KSC Stair Climbers (PR) $38.00
KSHW Nut & Bolt Kit (for 1 cart) $8.00
KS1/0 Chain & S Hook (PR) $13.25
KSH Handle Kit $19.75
KSH-W Handle Kit Wide $20.00
KSH-T Handle Kit Tall $22.00
KSH-T-W Handle Kit Tall Wide $24.00
KSIT Inner Tube for 8" Air Wheel $6.00
K510 5/8" Ball Bearing $1.80